5/20/2020, 1:00:00 PM

#46 - Lost in Translation

Marcus and Travis experience Lost in Translation for the first time.

9/23/2018, 12:52:00 PM

#36 - Upgrade

The Virgins watch this summer’s sleeper indie action film; Upgrade! Is it the next John Wick, or crap?

9/16/2018, 6:05:00 PM

#35 - Chronicle

Chronicle stars a baby Michael B. Jordan and some other actors who aren’t nearly as hot or successful. It’s a superhero film and Christian is this week’s Film Virgin. He doesn’t typically like superhero films, will he like Chronicle?

9/9/2018, 12:57:00 PM

#34 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Film Virgins watch a comedy classic and probably one of the most quoted comedies of all time: Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Is it still funny to a Virgin though?

9/3/2018, 1:12:00 AM

#33 - Annihilation

An all Virgin edition! The Virgins are big fans of this writer/director’s first film Ex Machina, is Annihilation gooder or worser?

8/26/2018, 5:22:00 PM

#32 - Shaolin Soccer

The Film Virgins watch the (very) odd ball comedy Shaolin Soccer. Kung Fu Hustle is a beloved film by the same creator…but does the original appeal to this week’s Virgin?

8/19/2018, 12:43:00 PM

#31 - Green Room

The Film Virgins watch a movie that’s hard to watch: Green Room. Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin crush this movie, but is it too intense for the Virgins?

8/14/2018, 7:27:00 PM

#30 - John Wick 2

The Film Virgins with special guest Mike discuss the follow up to the new action classic John Wick! Is it better than the original? Did Keanu improve in his acting? Does it matter? Find out!

8/7/2018, 7:23:00 PM

#29 - 12 Monkeys

The FIlm Virgins watch Bruce Willis and Bad Pitt in the 90s sci-fi film 12 Monkeys! Is ita sci-fil thriller or overrated B-movie?

7/29/2018, 1:14:00 PM

#28 - The Big Lebowski

The Virgins abide.

7/8/2018, 3:17:00 PM

#27 - Boiler Room

The Film Virgins watch the 2000 film Boiler Room. Is the film $ or trash 18 years later?