5/20/2020, 1:00:00 PM

#46 - Lost in Translation

Marcus and Travis experience Lost in Translation for the first time.

3/11/2018, 8:03:00 PM

#16 - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The Film Virgins are all virgins on this very special episode about the Best Picture Nominee, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

3/4/2018, 4:26:00 PM

#15 - John Wick

The Film Virgins are joined by special guest Mike, in an action packed Keanu centric discussion about how amazing John Wick is.

2/18/2018, 3:48:00 PM

#14 - Spinal Tap

The Film Virgins watch the 1984 classic This Is Spinal Tap. Spinal Tap popularized a huge genre of film and TV: the mocumentary. Spinal Tap’s influence is seen in such modern shows as The Office, and What We Do In The Shadows, while also paving the way for great comedy music acts like Tenacious D...

2/11/2018, 11:44:00 AM

#13 - Revenant

The Film Virgins watch the best bear attack ever committed to film, The Revenant! Christian is this week’s Film Virgin, and is known to be a lover of dialogue. Will he enjoy a movie with next to none? Listen to find out!

2/4/2018, 9:40:00 PM

#12 - Alien

The Film Virgins gush over 1979s Alien…they also shit on it a bit. But what do they shit on?! Listen to find out!

1/28/2018, 4:31:00 PM

#11 - Kingsman, The Secret Service

The Film Virgins watch the recent comic book adaptation Kingsman! The Roger Moore James Bond homage that paved the way for rated R comic book films like Deadpool and Logan. What does this week’s film virgin think?

1/21/2018, 4:41:00 PM

#10 - Payback

The Film Virgins watch 1999’s Payback. This is part II in Travis’ torrid love affair with Mel Gibson. This is a film that was riddled with studio interference…did it end up paying off? Marcus is this week’s Film Virgin. Subscribe and Follow us on Twitter!

1/14/2018, 7:27:00 PM

#9 - Book of Eli

The Film Virgins watch one of Marcus’ favorite films; Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington. Christian has seen it once, and Travis is this week’s virgin. There’s a lot to love about Book of Eli, but also a lot to hate. The Film Virgins discuss.

1/7/2018, 4:19:00 PM

#8 - Galaxy Quest

The Film Virgins are back from the holidays and watch the best non-cannon Star Trek movie ever; Galaxy Quest! Marcus is this week’s film virgin. Can he get he tolerate a film with Tim Allen as the leading man? Can Christian correctly rate the canonical Star Trek films? Listen to find out!

12/22/2017, 7:06:00 AM

#7.5 - The Last Jedi

Travis chats about The Last Jedi with some friends abroad while drinking wine. This is a Skype conversation, so forgive the audio quality.